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The Photographic Baseball Cards of Goodwin and Company Book
Model: p324679
Description: This book is a must-have reference for anyone interested in nineteenth century baseball, old baseball cards in general, or the Old Judge (N172) set, which is arguably the first comprehensive set of baseball cards ever issued. The book is beautifully put together, hard bound with dust jacket, and contains almost 500 pages packed with over 2500 photographs of the players and teams of the late 1880s. The mysteries of the Old Judge set (N172 and N173 in the American Card Catalogue) are revealed as the book contains pictures of nearly all the players and team variations in the set. The book addresses the history of Goodwin & Co., how the company manufactured and issued its cards, how to identify the year cards were issued, how to identify forgeries and biographies on all 521 players included in the set. This book belongs in the permanent reference library of any serious collector of baseball cards.

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